Roasting Sets

Complete Roasting Sets available at Well Seasoned

Whether it’s your first time cooking the bird or it’s time to replace the old set, our Roasting Sets will get you started right. Whether you just need a quick replacement or you’re planning your first hosted Christmas dinner – we have the tools you need to get your bird cooked right.

Come into the store for helpful tips on roasting and hosting!

  • WS Brine $5.99
  • Roasting set $11.99
  • Masher 12.99
  • Gravy separator 39.99
  • Steamer 10.99 small / 11.99 large
  • Gravy Boat 6.99 small / 7.99 large
  • Brine bag 11.99
  • Ricer 26.99



Pick one up in store today or reserve one by calling (604) 530-1518! We ship across Canada – call us for a quote!